Your Support Matters

Healing Heart Studios is dedicated to helping kids heal from trauma and reclaim their childhood through safe and healthy creative play, but we need your help. Become a supporter today and change the life of a precious child forever!

Your support helps provide world-class facilities for our innovative programs. Your donation dollars help to keep the lights on and offset maintenance costs for our 6,000 square foot creative arts facility that houses our Afterschool Artists program, as well as provide sporting equipment for our outdoor play programs and art supplies for our wide range of indoor activities.

Your support helps us provide nutritious meals to food-insecure families. Through a range of local partnerships with grocery stores, restaurants, and food banks, we have created balanced and nutritious takeaway meal kits that feed student’s growing bodies and help ensure proper development, all at the cost of $4 per meal.

Your support helps us expand our creative offering. Our dream is to be able to accommodate every mode of artistic expression our students can dream up, from simple sketching all the way to full stage productions in our new outdoor amphitheater, film photography, and ceramics. Your contributions ensure that our kid’s imaginations will never be dampened by lack of equipment funding.

Healing Heart Studios gratefully accepts general financial contributions from organizations and individuals who support our mission and vision. Such contributions provide us with unrestricted funds to support our creative and philanthropic endeavors. Check out our annual HHS Impact Report to see how our donor’s contributions have been spent to date, and click here to view our latest financial report.